Treat Your Mom

Mother's Day is fast approaching and you know what that means... it's mom's turn to be pampered.


Well, she does deserve it wouldn't you agree? After all, 364 days of the year she's the one who's always busy taking care of us, making sure that we are OK and that we are in perfect health. Now it's about time that we return the favor on this very special day for all the moms.

Here are 3 healthy ways that you can give your mom a very special and healthy Mother's Day:

1. Treat her to the spa
Let her have a very relaxing massage or a steam bath. All the works! She will truly enjoy a big day off at the spa.

2. Give her a day off indeed
Let her slack around just for this single day. She will enjoy an extra hour's stay in bed. Don't make her wake up very early. Do the household chores for her. Do the cooking. Treat her like royalty for a change.

3. Eat out
You can take your mom to a dinner at a nice restaurant. But don't pig out. Mother's Day is not a reason to let loose and eat a lot. Think healthy.

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