Say Yes to Health!

As of the time of this blog's launch, the headlines of most news organizations are talking about the swine flu. It is spreading already as the first cases of it in Asia have been recorded, I think, in South Korea.

The world is turning more prone to new diseases like this perhaps because of these factors:

1. over population
2. complacency
3. and of course, unhealthy lifestyles

Over population is easy to understand why I included it on this list. With the global population increasing out of control, there are less suitable places for living and as a result, people are crammed in small areas and often share spaces with livestock and other animals. Diseases can easily spread in such conditions.

Next is complacency. People are being complacent thinking that with all the advancements in science and technology, scientists can easily come up with a cure for new maladies. This is far from the truth because up to now we still don't have a cure for AIDS, cancer and more.

With the case of unhealthy lifestyles it's an amalgamation of the food that we eat and the physical (or lack of) activities that we do each day. We are in a world where fast food is consumed almost daily and when we have a home-cooked meal, most of the ingredients are processed and not fresh. As for our physical fitness, just look around you. I'm sure you will find a great beer belly every corner that you turn.

So with this blog I hope to impart with my readers my thoughts, news and other stuff on how we can live a healthy life, free from sickness, depression and other human body and mind complaints.

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