Is Swine Flu Really to Be Afraid of?

Well, what I meant by that is should we here in the Philippines worry too much about swine flu? There is yet to be an incident of it here in our country and I was wondering if all the hoopla about it (on TV, newspaper and online news organizations) are really worth of our attention?

The Philippines has been pretty much resilient when it comes to such outbreaks. Perhaps with really new outbreaks but in terms of the old diseases like cholera, that frequently plague Third World nations, that's where we should really focus more.

But still there is still the fact that we are a nation founded on agriculture and so it is but normal to see livestock and people living in such close quarters. And with that a myriad of diseases are possible.

In the end, it all boils down to keeping ourselves healthy so that in case of such an outbreak, our bodies will be better prepared for such an onslaught.

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