Swine Flu Deaths Reach 53

The United States and Costa Rica has just recorded another couple of people who have died because of the swine flu. This has shown that the disease is probably still spreading and that people in the Americas, most especially Mexico and the southern part of the United States are still in high risk of acquiring it.

Measures are of course currently being implemented including quarantine of people and animals that are suspected to be carrying the disease. Mexico, just last week, has requested its citizens to stay at home for a day and not to report at work or just to go out. That was to help keep the disease at bay and let the health authorities further isolate the location and source of the swine flu.

The coming weeks should provide us with clearer explanation about this and whether it will finally be subdued.

Treat Your Mom

Mother's Day is fast approaching and you know what that means... it's mom's turn to be pampered.


Well, she does deserve it wouldn't you agree? After all, 364 days of the year she's the one who's always busy taking care of us, making sure that we are OK and that we are in perfect health. Now it's about time that we return the favor on this very special day for all the moms.

Here are 3 healthy ways that you can give your mom a very special and healthy Mother's Day:

1. Treat her to the spa
Let her have a very relaxing massage or a steam bath. All the works! She will truly enjoy a big day off at the spa.

2. Give her a day off indeed
Let her slack around just for this single day. She will enjoy an extra hour's stay in bed. Don't make her wake up very early. Do the household chores for her. Do the cooking. Treat her like royalty for a change.

3. Eat out
You can take your mom to a dinner at a nice restaurant. But don't pig out. Mother's Day is not a reason to let loose and eat a lot. Think healthy.

Farewell Dom DeLuise

The heavy-built comedian / chef passed away today at the age of 75. 

He is best remembered in the movies 'Blazing Saddles' and 'Cannonball Run'. But he was also famous for being a chef, a second career for him that proved very successful. He published a couple of cook books that were very well received.

DeLuise had always been portly and his family and doctors have urged him to lose weight, even demanding that he lose 100 pounds. He was able to get rid of a considerable amount of weight but he soon gained a few of it back.

Passing away at the age of 75 is already quite good considering his constitution. Maybe he was healthy after all even if he was overweight. But still the fact remains that we all should maintain our respective ideal weight to help us live a more healthy life.

Is Swine Flu Really to Be Afraid of?

Well, what I meant by that is should we here in the Philippines worry too much about swine flu? There is yet to be an incident of it here in our country and I was wondering if all the hoopla about it (on TV, newspaper and online news organizations) are really worth of our attention?

The Philippines has been pretty much resilient when it comes to such outbreaks. Perhaps with really new outbreaks but in terms of the old diseases like cholera, that frequently plague Third World nations, that's where we should really focus more.

But still there is still the fact that we are a nation founded on agriculture and so it is but normal to see livestock and people living in such close quarters. And with that a myriad of diseases are possible.

In the end, it all boils down to keeping ourselves healthy so that in case of such an outbreak, our bodies will be better prepared for such an onslaught.

Say Yes to Health!

As of the time of this blog's launch, the headlines of most news organizations are talking about the swine flu. It is spreading already as the first cases of it in Asia have been recorded, I think, in South Korea.

The world is turning more prone to new diseases like this perhaps because of these factors:

1. over population
2. complacency
3. and of course, unhealthy lifestyles

Over population is easy to understand why I included it on this list. With the global population increasing out of control, there are less suitable places for living and as a result, people are crammed in small areas and often share spaces with livestock and other animals. Diseases can easily spread in such conditions.

Next is complacency. People are being complacent thinking that with all the advancements in science and technology, scientists can easily come up with a cure for new maladies. This is far from the truth because up to now we still don't have a cure for AIDS, cancer and more.

With the case of unhealthy lifestyles it's an amalgamation of the food that we eat and the physical (or lack of) activities that we do each day. We are in a world where fast food is consumed almost daily and when we have a home-cooked meal, most of the ingredients are processed and not fresh. As for our physical fitness, just look around you. I'm sure you will find a great beer belly every corner that you turn.

So with this blog I hope to impart with my readers my thoughts, news and other stuff on how we can live a healthy life, free from sickness, depression and other human body and mind complaints.