How To Find A Great Discount Portable Spa

A spa is a type of hot tub that comes in various sizes. These days people are looking portable spas because you have the option of taking the spa with you when you move and of course if you want some mobility that is also possible.

Stationary spas need a lot more maintenance than the portable ones. These should come with a water treatment chemical kit which will help maintain a level of safety through keeping the water clean. Also, water filters will keep things such as dirt, insects and leaves out.

Tip: Two person hot tubs are still the most popular.
Do you like fancy features such as massage units, underwater lighting and bubble jets? You can get them for a price. The spa was purchased with the intention of pampering yourself right. The slightly larger units usually have a 6-7 feet diameter and accommodate up to 5-6 people simultaneously. Various companies offer different features in the models they provide.

Tip: The new range these days is the 3 person hot tub.
Fixed spas retail between 3000 USD and 5000 USD. The portable spas cost between 900 USD and 1500 USD. Understandably the price range will vary by models and if you choose to add upgrades.

Not sure where to start? You are already on the right path. Research product reviews, articles and sales on spas. Try to seek out companies that specialize in spas and hot tubs. Some companies offer spas as a part of a wide range of products. Dont choose them. Try to find direct merchants or factory outlets rather than going to a retail store. When it comes to larger purchases such as hot tubs, you can cut costs by shopping around.

Tip: Look at multi-person or four person hot tubs also.
Finding coupons these days isnt difficult via a google search or looking for ads in magazines. Expect to spend 1 to 2 weeks at the minimum to figure out what you want and then finding the best deals on it.

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