Charice Botox Issue Exaggerated

When Charice got botox treatment (or they call the procedure thermage) I believe that this issue will easily crawl the blogs and earn different online views about the topic. And it did spread like wildfire from the Philippines to Hollywood and to the rest of the countries where people knows and idolizes this young singing sensation.

According to one of her interviews she wanted to enhance her look in preparation for her acting/singing debut in Glee. But this update from her seemed to work against her until today.

In an online newspaper, it was mentioned that what happened to Charice (in the eyes of those who got the news or reported the event) seemed to be exaggerated in their interpretation.

“TV Patrol” reported on July 20 that an insider from the Belo Medical Clinic, where Charice underwent the treatments (performed by celebrity doctor and her godmother Vicki Belo) last Saturday, July 17, revealed that the Botox and thermage procedures were to treat Charice’s Bruxism, more popularly known as “teeth-grinding” in sleep due to involuntary muscle movements. 
CNN stated that Botox can aid in alleviating pain caused by related condition TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)--something which Belo seemingly failed to point out.
In an article on, Belo said the treatments were meant to narrow Charice’s “naturally round face” (which had become “wider,” Belo noticed, out of chewing bubble gum). Her statements were picked up by some of the world’s most renowned media agencies, such as the Asosciated Press, CNN, People, MTV, Us Magazine, E! News, and Los Angeles Times. 
Meanwhile, “24 Oras” reported a follow-up story on July 20 that CNN, E! News and top celebrity blog Perez picked up the program’s story on Charice’s controversial treatments. Interestingly, the video of the news uploaded on GMA News.TV on July 19 was titled “Charice undergoes cosmetic fix for ‘Glee’.” “TV Patrol,” on the other hand, wrote “Nagparetoke” on its teaser for the Botox news they aired on Monday.
Charice herself was quoted in an interview (“24 Oras,” July 19) that she got the treatments as part of her “big preparation” for “Glee.” "Syempre gusto ko rin namang magmukhang fresh paglabas ng camera,” she admitted.
 Whatever they say in the news or what the bloggers say online, still this thermage procedure is something that  left a lot of people talking about. I just hope that this won't be something that will suddenly pop her career away as she always tell people how she worked hard to get to where she is today.

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